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Framing salon ArtFabrics is the best specialists, quality materials, a creative and individual approach to each client in a short time !!

 Whether it is a frame for painting, reproduction, photography, embroidery, tapestry or simple drawing - each order is unique and becomes unique for us and for you.

 We offer both simple and profile frames for any style, be it Baroque, Rococo, classic, eclecticism, Provence, Сountry, etc. 

 The frames are made of wood, plastic, as well as aluminum frames for photographs. A very large selection of frames, about 1000 different profiles. 

 A huge assortment of passe-partout in different colors and textures for every taste. 
 We also offer high-quality prints of reproductions on paper and canvas! Art paper! Retouching, correction, restoration and printing of photographs of any size. 

We also offer restoration of frames and paintings. Any types of varnishing, gilding and painting frames. 
 For the frame we offer various glasses, ordinary glass 2 mm, 2 mm anti-reflective glass and 1.6 mm museum glass - with 96% UV protection - 100% transparency, 98% anti-reflective coating.

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