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Aleksey Kazachenko

Many of Alexey’s work can be viewed or bought in our salon.

Vladimirs Feklistovs

Vladimir Feklistov was born on July 5, 1945 in the village of Bozova in Malnava Parish. Learned Kārsava station 7-


at the annual school, then in 1962 he graduated from the 17th Art Vocational School in Riga. Worked for furniture for many years


in the factory "Riga" in the souvenir department about a woodcutter.


He learned the basics of painting in the Fine Arts Studio in Riga (1964-1975) with the lecturers Vitalija


Karkunova, Eduards Jurķelis, Paul Dushkin, Kurt Friedrichson. Worked in the fine arts studio "Orions".


Participated in many exhibitions (Riga City Folk Fine Arts Exhibition, 1972; Riga City Amusements


at the Fine Arts Exhibition, 1969; Riga City Folk Fine Arts Exhibition "Glory to Work", 1973;


Exhibition of paintings at the 4th Kārsava County Festival, 2012). In 1972, a solo exhibition was organized at the Teachers' House




After returning to his native village of Bozova, he continues to pursue the greatest passion of his life - painting,


depicting the simple beauty of Latvian nature, but full of light and color nuances.

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